BUILT GREEN is a program for Builders to incorporate their Energy Efficient construction Practices with Environmentally Responsible Products and Materials

  • Lower fuel/energy and water costs
  • Indoor air quality addressed
  • Increased comfort
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased market and resale value
  • Lower environmental impact

The primary purpose of Built Green Canadais to encourage homebuilders to use technologies, products and practices that will:

• Provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution
• Provide healthier indoor air
• Reduce water usage
• Preserve natural resources
• Improve durability and reduce maintenance

The program concentrates on four areas of environmental concern:
• Energy Efficiency (EnerGuide)
• Indoor Air Quality
• Resource Use (including Waste Management)
• Overall Environmental Impact

Energuide Rating + BuiltGreen Checklist
gives the
Final BUILTGREEN RATING for the home.
Energuide Homes are not always BuiltGreen Homes
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The builder fills out a BuiltGreen checklist that gives points for environmentally sound construction practices in 8 Categories. (see chart below)

There is a minimum in each category and they have the option to increase their score by adding additional practices beyond the minimum basics

The checklist point total is then combined with the Energuide rating to give a final certification in either
Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum

Built Green™ Alberta Levels
Bronze Level: EnerGuide rating of 72. This is 11 percent more energy efficient than standard construction.
Silver Level: EnerGuide rating of 75. This is 18-21 percent more energy efficient than standard construction.
Gold Level: EnerGuide rating of 77. This is 25 - 30 percent more energy efficient than standard construction.

1735 Sq Ft 2 Storey Double Attached Garage -

Bungalow of the same size Scores better and is cheaper to upgrade
Minimum Building CodeEnerguide 70Energy Usage 128 Million Cubic Feet Natural Gas

Built Green Gold plus   Energuide 80*      Energy Usage 74 Million Cubic Feet Natural Gas

Built Green Platinum plus    Energuide 86**     Energy Usage 46 Million Cubic Feet Natural Gas

. . . Energuide Rating Info
The higher the rating:
  • As energy costs increase you save more
  • More valuable resale – fewer homes with high ratings
  • Less or no condensation inside on walls and windows
  • Comfort Levels are MUCH Higher – No drafts or cool feeling from cold surfaces such as walls and windows
  • **More air tight = less drafts and use of energy – don’t go air tight unless you add an HRV –you will create problems for  yourself and your house
  • Indoor Air quality is Better – more fresh air brought in energy efficiently through properly installed mechanical ventilation systems
  • Keep humidity higher in winter – reduces sickness and improves air quality
  • Built Green™ homes use more durable and sustainable products- less maintenance and higher quality buildingMore environmentally responsible using less energy & by products
  • Built Green™ homes use recycled materials, including insulation, asphalt roofing and interior doors.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint - Emissions of CO2 can be reduced by over 2 tons per house per year

**Air tightness only helps when there is proper ventilation added. A tight home without ventilation is like wrapping yourself in a plastic bag to keep warm. Where does all the moisture go?

'an increase of 1 Energuide point relates to about 5% savings on your energy bills'

. . . From NRCan Publication "A New House That Saves"

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