A Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) is an individual that has been trained and tested by Natural Resources Canada to perform Energy Simulation models in the HOT2000 Software, perform Blower door air tightness testing and all the associated paperwork required to obtain an Energuide rating

CEA's are licensed to do (1) existing homes through the EcoEnergy Program, or (2) Energuide for New Homes. They must be licensed in each area, but can be licensed for both. We are licensed to perform both services.

A CEA is associated with a Licensed Service Organization (S.O.). There are only a few S.O.'s in Alberta for Energuide for New Homes

S.O.'s are responsible for quality control, and oversight of the CEA. Many Builders and Homeowners will never talk with or know who the S.O. is. If there are issues the S.O. will ensure that proper protocols are maintained.

CEA's are generally Independent contractors However they are at times employees of an S.O.

Qualistat is an independent contractor licensed under multiple NRCan Service Organizations

  • For an Energuide label you can contact the CEA of your choice or an S.O. and they will assign a CEA in your area.
  • The CEA will request a Blueprint, Plot Plan and Specification for each house being Modeled.
  • Each house is given a unique File number.
  • The CEA will upload the documentation, do the required geometry and calculate the proposed Energuide Rating number
  • If you have the Energy Simulation Model generated early in the process, you can ask the CEA to provide a list of options and projected energy savings plus projected new Energuide Rating.
  • For BuiltGreen projects a builder can enroll the project themselves or have their CEA do that for them.
  • The CEA will invoice the Builder/Homeowner for the services and a label will be generated by the S.O. and sent to the registered address on the file.
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