An HRV or HEAT RECOVERY VENTILATOR provides fresh air to your airtight energy efficient home.

It controls humidity levels so you don't have sweaty wet windows

It reduces indoor air pollutants especially from new carpet, hardwood, paint, cabinets, doors & trims, plastics, insulation, etc, etc.

If you are sensitive or have allergies you will find these units very helpful in reducing congestion.

And it operates in a balanced way, so there is equal amounts of air into the home as are exhausted out 


You will spend about $3500 on an HRV.

But wait - you get more than just clean fresh air, it also saves you enegy.

If you have a $200,000 mortgage and add a $3500 HRV your mortage goes from $1163.21 to $1183.57 (based on a 25 year, 5 yr fixed term @ 5%)

That increases your monthly payment by $20.36

BUT - your yearly energy costs drop by $255.70 or $21.31 per month SAVINGS.

Net saving each month day 1 is $0.95 or a free HRV!
Since 1986

​Prior to the changes to the building code requiring energy efficient designs, houses typically had a PVF ( Principal Ventilation Fan). The fan would only activate when you manually switched it on. 

Without it on, the furnace of a sealed combustion system (high efficiency heating) will only intake air, producing a high indoor static air pressure. This can force interior humid air outward into the walls and attic spaces. 

Always run this switch through the winter - 24/7 

Without it you are subject to ATTIC RAIN

You can also upgrade from a PVF to an active HRV

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