Predictive Performance Evaluation™ or site review is an extra set of eyes combined with some diagnostic testing equipment to find out how the building is progressing.

This is far beyond an inspection for building code related items. It addresses and reduces risks that can lead to costly repairs, customer complaints and callbacks.

PPE's can be conducted 
Pre-Drywall - for air tightness and insulation
Window Installation Reviews
Building Envelope Reviews - paper & flashing applications

Builder may find that random checks will identify ongoing issues that need to be addressed.

Third party assessment is a neutral critique, and identifies risks associated with poor construction practices. 

Third party assessments for hard to please consumers and customers or for consumers when the builder or trade fails to see the importance of correcting a certain deficiency.

Assessments can include

Moisture & humidity testing
Pre-drywall blower door tests
Infrared Thermography
HVAC air balancing 

A complete written report is included with each site review along with recommendations 

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Exposed Shingle Nails
Boards still attached to roof
Moisture levels of lumber & materials
Non-destructive moisture testing
Building weather barriers & flashings
Confirmation of specifications (thickness test)
Humidity, temperature & dew point  testing
Pre-drywall air tightness testing
Infrared with blower door - air leakage at ceilling fan poly hat
Infrared with blower door - air leakage at top of basement concrete wall connection to floor joists
Infrared identified water leak before turnover and roofing contractor was able to repair before possession
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