Moisture Control Technician Certificate
Through a partnership with SAIT and the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, this certificate has been developed to help students understand the basics of building science and moisture control. Learn how moisture impacts the performance of new homes and how the building envelope operates in different climactic regions. Develop the skills necessary to assess design and construct more durable, wood-framed residential homes. 

You will learn how to:
Understand how climates affect the different types of moisture entry into buildings and how it has changed in the history of construction
Control the movement of different moisture types in and out of the building envelope
Explain moisture accumulation and removal techniques
Exhibit construction practices to control moisture
Discover how land topography can affect water drainage
Ideal candidates for taking this course are:

Designers, Drafts persons, Inspectors, Site Supervisors, Construction Managers, Warranty Representatives and Technicians, Trades, Suppliers, Support Staff, Customer Service Representatives and Management 


This certificate consists of a 6-month study at your own pace course, plus a mandatory 2-day practicum.

For detailed course information or to register, visit (Distance Education Calendar / CNST-227 & CNST-248).

You can reach SAIT through their general inquiries contact numbers. Phone number 403.284.7248 or 1.877.284.7248 and email

Calgary MCT Practicum schedule
Edmonton MCT Practicum schedule 

Total tuition fee is made up of the following:
CNST-227 $190.00 + GST
CNST-248 $350.00 + GST

Tuition: $540.00 + GST
Building Performance Training
Customized training for builders and tradespeople

full Day
1/2 Day 

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