Moisture Problems 
Excessive humidity, Condensation, water leaks, mould, poor indoor air quality.
We specialize in finding the source of these issues. Using state of the art test equipment combined with over 30 years knowledge and experience.

Predictive Performace Evaluations TM  . . . more
At times builders and contractors simply want to know that what they are building is in  line with good engineering and building science principles. A site review can be from simple on site consultations and discussions to thorough air tightness, infrared and moisture testing.

Pre-Construction Plan Reviews
Determine what are the weak areas and where you an improve efficiency and reduce problems before you build.  Drawing analysis can assist to determine what details are necessary to communicate proper construction to trades.

Exterior Wall / Window Water Penetration Testing
Need to find a leak? Using non-detructive test methods to precisley determine where the moisture entry is taking place by simulating wind and rain combined with interior wall testing probes. 

Air Tightness Testing . . . view video
Also called a blower door test, both the air tightness, rated in air changes per hour and equivalent leakage area can be calculated using a large fan and air pressure manometer gauge. This can be particularly useful in moisture tests and energy evaluations. 

Zone Pressure Diagnostics . . .
Is the air leakage coming from a specific area? Is the area an exterior wall, a party wall or an attic space? Perhaps the bonus room over the garage. Zone Pressure Diagnostic testing can help identify the leakiest locations and pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts.

Infrared Thermography Scanning . . . view video
You would think we can actually see inside the walls, but what we really see is the heat signature of various components. Missing insulation, radiant floor heating tubes, and moisture are just some of the things we test. Combined with a blower door test we can pinpoint air leakage paths.

Training & Consulting Services  .  .  .  more
We provide specialized building science training to builders, trades & suppliers that deals specifically with wood frame single and multi family dwellings.
Over 100 builders and renovators in Alberta have used our services, as well as all three new home warranty providers.

"Darrell was a much in demand facilitator for PHBIA’s applied construction courses and continues to share his expertise and knowledge with Alberta builders at our monthly technical series offered around the province.’"
 - Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta
Since 1986

What are Building Envelope Services?
The assemblies / systems that separate the interior conditioned space from the exterior unconditioned space and include the four primary barriers.

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